Leprechaun Day!!!!!!!

Who do you think created this holiday? Humans did in honor of St. Patrick. St. Patrick’s day  is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick  the foremost patron saint of Ireland. Saint Patrick’s Day was made an official Christian feast day in the early 17th century and is observed by the Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Lutheran Church.  Celebrations generally involve public parades and festivals, cèilidhs, and the wearing of green attire or shamrocks. St. Patrick day is overall a very fun holiday unless you get pinched.  

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What did I do?

This week I have accomplished a few new things for my project. I have finished my introduction for the elevator pitch video. I have also finished memorizing the speech for my video.I almost finished the video… sort of..but thankfully I have a long weekend ahead of me. I can’t wait!

I am feeling good about my project I still need to contact the daycare but I can’t because my teacher is not here to help. I will surely, hopefully contact the daycare next week. Other than that my project is going good. I am feeling great about my elevator pitch video. I am almost finished with it and I will finish the video over my 4 day weekend.

This weekend I want to finish my elevator pitch video. I am so close to finishing and I know I am going to easily finish it. I also have to run over my speech a couple of times before I actually do the video. I am defiantly sure that I will  finish. And that is what I hope to accomplish.

Some issues that I have overcome during this project is not contacting my mentor. I plan to do it next week. That is how I plan to accomplish that. I also want to finish my elevator pitch video but I forgot so I am finishing it tomorrow. That is how I plan to fix that.

Join me next week!

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! For my 20% project I have still yet to do many things. Something that I have accomplished this week is memorizing my elevator pitch script. I haven’t fully memorized it yet. But, I’m going to work on that this weekend.

I’m feeling good about the elevator pitch video and I hope to start it this weekend. For my project the daycare day that we are going to do is coming up soon. I am very nervous but also excited at the same time. I think that the kids that we are going to be teaching are going to have a blast. I’m practicing different part of my video but I will be able to finish soon.

My plans for accomplishing my next due-date on my timeline is to contact the daycare. We were planning to do it last week but it was so chaotic that we couldn’t do that quite yet. What I need to do to accomplish this is to remind my partner that we need to contact the daycare as well as reminding Mrs.Croft. I will have to practice what I will say to the daycare on the phone.

Some problems that I have ran into during this project is that time is going by so fast that I am not sure how we will get all of this accomplished by May. A way I can fix this problem is to stick with my timeline and remember to do everything that is on the list. Another problem is my partner and I keep forgetting  to contact the daycare that we are going to go to. A way I can solve this problem is to write it down in my agenda so that I don’t forget or I could write it somewhere else so that I remember. This picture is from flickr by njxw 

Whats Up?

What I have accomplished this week for my 20% project  I finished my elevator pitch outline. I also have finished the flyer outline and decorated it with pictures and different colors. I have accomplished many more things in the past few weeks. I hope to accomplish more next week. I am almost finished with different things so I think next week I will have a lot typed down.

What I need to get done next week is printing out a few copies of flyers and start talking to the daycare that Anna and I are doing our project at. I think that I can print the flyers out by either going to the  library and printing them out or going home and printing them out. I can talk to the daycare by contacting them through a phone. I will talk to the about when we can come into their daycare and more. I also need to finish thinking of different games to teach the children.

I am feeling pretty good about this project other than time passing way to fast. This project has been hard but it has also been fun. It is hard because we have to do certain things at certain times. This project has been fun because  it feels like an adventure every step further I take in this project. I am also excited to do the first acting lesson and teach the kids how to act and do fun games. This project has been a roller coaster but at the end it will all be worth it.

I hope that you will join me next time!!


This week I have accomplished many more things for my 20% project. For example 1 thing that my partner Anna( Anna’s blog) and I  have finished making the design for our posters that we are giving to the parents at my moms daycare. I am feeling kind of feeling good about this project because we are getting a lot done but this whole project is really stressful. Anna and I have not met with our mentor and I think we plan on doing it soon.  We will set this up by Anna going to my house  and we will talk to my mom about the project. Our plans that we hope to achieve

for next Friday is to get out posters for all of the kid’s parents finished. I got this picture from Flickr by Jeff Simmermon.


This week I have accomplished many things. For example I have finished my timeline so now I know when I need to get my things done. I am feeling pretty good about my project because my project seems pretty easy flowing. My partner is Anna (Anna’s Blog) and we are working together very well. We have hit a bump in our project. We want to do our project at places other than at my mom’s daycare. A way that we can fix this is we can go on google and search for daycare’s in our area.  This is Anna and I’s timeline

1/27 Work on making flyers for daycare
2/10 Finish the flyers /start handing out
2/24 Finish preparing everything for the daycare
3/10 Daycare day!!
3/24 Contact Boone County Animal Shelter about daycare/ give the supplies
4/7 Find another day for daycare from April 10 – 14
4/21 Work on speech for TED talk
5/5 Start to finish up TED talk speech
5/19 Practice TED talk

My 20% Project

I am currently doing a 20 percent project which is someone helping their environment or something else in the world. Today I have had some accomplishments for example I picked out a new topic for my 20 percent project. It is me raising money for an animal shelter by doing a play.  On the animal shelters site they have a wish list and we are getting them things off of that. What I am working on is where I am going to do this. I think that I might just do it at my church but i’ll have to run it over with my partner for the project.  What I probably need to work on is getting my church to agree with letting me and my friend do this project. I also have to figure out when I am going to have this event if they say yes. One problem that I ran into this week was my partner wanted to change the idea so we changed it to the one that you just read about.  

Thanks for reading!

On the Stage

One of my favorite things is acting. Acting is amazing because you can literally do it anywhere. I love do do this along with singing. It is very fun being involved in these type of things. I really love to act and that is why plays are a huge part of my life. Doing plays or musicals is fun because you get to act and some times it can be really funny or sad.

My favorite type of play is musicals. This is my favorite because you sing and dance while acting.  Musicals are also very awesome because most of them are based off of movies like Mary Poppins. My favorite type of musicals are funny ones because obviously they’re funny and I like to laugh.

Some plays that I have been in are the Wizard of Oz, Charlie and the Chocolate factory, and hopefully the Music Man and more. My favorite play that I have been in is the Wizard of  Oz because in this one I was one of the main characters. Also this play was very fun to do and I felt really happy about the role that I got.

Here is a link to were you can go to take acting lessons maybe if your not the best acting lessons. And here is a link for learning more about acting.   I got this picture from flickr by existtraiesc



I live in a community and so do you. I live in a community where there are a lot of  groups. For example in school we have drama club and they meet on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. I love drama because I love to act and in December we are doing a musical. We also have other clubs but I am not in them. For example pizza and pages. I know your wondering what in the world is pizza and pages. I am pretty sure that it is a club where you read a book while eating pizza.032 Chicago Marathon 2016

Jaime Santoyo via Compfight

I am involved in some of these activities such as drama club but that is only in school. Outside of school I am involved in helping the homeless. Every Sunday my mom, my sister, and I go to feed the homeless and we give them care packs with wipes, oranges, and other foods. But last weekend the people at the homeless center told us that we couldn’t feed them anymore. But I am sure we will find another way to help out our community. It is important to help out your community so here is a link that you can use to figure out some ways that you can help your community. Some ways to help your community.

Dress to Impress

School history has changed  a lot through the years. Especially the dress code. Dress codes are very different all around the world. Some dress codes are very strict. And some don’t really care what you wear as long as it’s appropriate for school. My dress code is not strict. We can wear almost whatever we want. The only thing that we can do is wear shorts above the knee and shirts with no sleeves. Some other schools make you wear uniforms. That is how it was at my old school.

444 (360)Creative Commons LicenseI got this image from SIM USA via Compfight.

1-26-11 WI think that some dress codes need to change like uniforms shouldn’t be allowed. Students shouldn’t have to wear a uniform.They should be allowed to wear what they want (as long as it’s appropriate).  I think that my dress code should change because now I can’t wear leggings to school. I have a lot of leggings in my dresser that I change into when I get home because at home I can wear them and I think other people do that to. My friend said that at her old school they could wear leggings and so she has a bunch of them. Then she moved here and now she can’t wear them. I got this image from Dax Tran-Caffee via Compfight

This is why dress codes need to change.