Fun Places I’ve Been To

One of my favorite places I have been to is Disney World. It is very fun. I went to the one in Florida. I saw a lot of different characters. Did you know that there are  underground tunnels for the characters to change into costume or to come into different areas without people seeing them. Another really cool thing about Disney is that it has a giant golf ball that glows and changes different colors   I hope that you will go there someday and I hope you learned something about Disney.

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2 thoughts on “Fun Places I’ve Been To

  1. Hi Gracie, I LOVE Disney World and have been a number of times during my life. I loved travelling with my parents when I was a kid and now I have the pleasure of taking my own kids to make memories. We love the atmosphere, the entertainment and the rides. We are hoping to visit again next year. I had heard about the underground tunnels at Disney World and I find it very interesting. Thank you for sharing. – Mrs.Murray

  2. Hi Gracie, I am hmstyler!

    Even though I didn’t get to go to Disney World yet, it seems like a really fun place. I know that one of the many hotels there has a really big pool.I also know that there is a place called Animal Kingdom. There is an African,Dinosaurs,and the Asians attraction. I’ve been to Disneyland, California but I know that Disney world is many times larger than California.I hope one day I can visit Disney World.

    Hope you respond!


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